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Specialty Pharmacist Certification Exam Prep

This area of pharmacy practice is constantly growing. Are you thinking about becoming certified in this area? Or perhaps you have taken the exam and didn’t do well and need some extra guidance? Set up a one on one exam prep consultation or try one of our practice exams.

Health/Wellness Event Planning

It takes time, dedication, and innovative thinking to create memorable and impactful health and wellness events. Whether you are launching your new health business, organizing a health fair, or planning a conference or patient support group, let us help ensure you don’t pull your hair out in the process. 

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Specialty Pharmacist Exam Preparation Assistance


Health and Wellness Event Planning

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Real Talk Health Pro is a solution-focused education and consulting firm that focuses on improving specialty medication access and helping pharmacists become certified in specialty pharmacy.  Created by practicing health care professionals, we understand the complexities of navigating clinical practice. We specialize in offering services that help to un-complicate your world. 

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